Toxoplasma gondii: The Parasite Which Causes Road Accidents?

It turns out that our sci-fi movies could have inadvertently taken inspiration from real life, as the evidence suggests a parasite could be messing with our nervous systems. We’ve all seen the movies. Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. The Thing. The alien life form, parasite or whatever sci-fi twist is added takes over the human host […]

Renewable Technologies May Pose a Threat to Wildlife

The shift to a system reliant on renewable technologies is well underway. With the risks of using fossil fuels more prominent than ever, there’s a sense of urgency to develop and implement these technologies as quickly as possible.  What this urgency often forgets is the impact that these technologies could have. Not directly on our […]

DO NOT READ! May Contain Chemicals

“Are you sure you want to eat that? I’ve heard there are lots of chemicals in there.” I’d have to say that you’d be lying if you hadn’t heard this sentence – or at least a similar one – at some point in your life. Perhaps it was grandma repeating something she’d seen on the evening […]