Delta-S is a science communication blog aimed at those outside of the scientific community. It takes an evidence based approach and has three main focus points: science, sustainability and their impacts on society. The goal is to encourage more people to engage with science by making it more accessible and to provide them with the tools & knowledge to fight against misinformation. 

We live in a society in which the scientific world is removed from the general public, and this has consequences. By adopting a position of disinterestedness and taking a step back from society, scientists have left a gap in the ways in which science is communicated.

As such, the general understanding of what science is, is somewhat skewed in wider society. The result is that scientists are put under an unfair amount of pressure as people expect technological solutions to always be the answer. However, in a lot of cases, the problem is political or social. A technological solution is merely a bandage to a deeper, underlying issue.

In founding Delta-S, Jack McGovan wants to address this gap through three main focus points: science, sustainability and their impacts on society. Each of these points is not only an important part of building a better future for all humans now and in the future, but also for the other sentient beings with which we share this planet.

While one of the main aims of the blog is to make science more accessible and show how interesting it is to those outside of the community, there are other equally important goals:

  1. Making scientists more visible, particularly those from disadvantaged minorities.
  2. Exploring the limitations of science.
  3. Show how societal issues are equally as prevelant in science.
  4. Demonstrating that society has just as much power in and of itself to drive real change.
  5. Providing evidence so that people can make their own judgements.

If you’re interested in getting in touch, please write to jackmcgovan[at]gmail[dot]com, or alternatively send a message through social media.